Mailbox Standards

USPS, Carolina Trace Association, & North Shore Approved Mailboxes

The mailboxes have two slots under the mailbox which are used for hand delivered notices from your North Shore POA,  the Carolina Trace Association (CTA) and notes and notices/items from neighbors that are not mailed through the USPS. It is up to the homeowner to maintain their mailbox in good condition.  

There are two options for the style of mailbox.  The color in the pictures must remain the same as wellNSPOA supplies the paint for the Custom Built mailboxes in NS.  Contact a Board Member.

Mail Master Available at Lowes                                      Custom Style
13079cf2a376e1508c60effbf378b22d.jpg        0uMUYsRAP4u7bgh6.png

                                                         For Custom Built you may call
    John Reuther 919-971-5724
      Michael Parker 919-945-9212
Andrew Marshall 646-645-6409


Custom Reflective 911 Address Signs

North Shore and the Carolina Trace Volunteer Fire Department (CTVFD) strongly suggests the use of Custom Reflective Green 911 Address Aluminum Signs (see above on the right hand mailbox for example) for clear marking of your residence for Emergency personnel’s use.  This is particularly important if your street has an unusual numbering scheme or if the mailboxes are all on one side of the road. Get the arrow below the number pointing from the mailbox towards your house. This is strictly your personal preference and not required by the Board for the residents of North Shore.   If you are interested, you may order this for your mailbox from Granite City Graphics. Please order in GREEN.  We ask that you order green so that we can maintain the integrity of North Shore and keep them all the same.

Locally, a fire department member sells and installs these. Call Jeff 919-478-6126. Or Copy and paste this link for Reflective 911 Sign: