What is this place?                                                          

Situated in the beautiful Carolina Trace Gated Community, North Shore is a separate and distinct community that boasts being the largest in Carolina Trace as well as having several amenities within it (including the Carolina Trace Country Club). 
A map showing all of Carolina Trace is at this link Carolina Trace Map
And a more detailed map showing just North Shore is at this link .
North Shore Map

Owned by the property owners, the NSPOA is managed by an elected Board of Directors who are committed to preserving the beautiful and serene setting of North Shore that enchants homeowners and visitors alike. Several committees assure a continuity of design that meets the highest standards of community planning.

This web site is for property owners and interested individuals to keep abreast of the Association and the many activities, programs and services it affords.



The North Shore Property Owners' Association (NSPOA) represents the property owners within the Carolina Trace - North Shore community.

The NSPOA is run by a nine member elected Board of Directors which set POA policies concerning governance, recreation, communication, architectural standards, covenants enforcement, management and maintenance of the items owned by NSPOA.

How the Planned Community Concept Works

  • All property owners are members of the NSPOA.
  • A volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the property owners, determines policy.
  • Association fees are affordable and provide each owner with an array of services.

North Shore Property Owners Care About Their Community

  1. Community property owners work to maintain and enhance property values
  2. Community property owners volunteer for advisory committees including:
    • Architectural
    • Communications
    • Roads and Drainage
    • Nominations
    • and more!

North Shore POA Volunteer Opportunities

There are plenty of ways to get involved in your community as a volunteer.  One of those ways is to join a NSPOA committee.

The NSPOA committee system depends on you.  This committee system, operating in an advisory capacity to the NSPOA Board of Directors, relies on civic-minded, interested property owners volunteering their time, talent and energy to sit on NSPOA committees and advise the Board on matters of concern to the community.  Most committees are comprised of members plus a board member who usually serves as chair.

Following is a description of the principal NSPOA committees and their functions.

Architectural Committee

This group meets to review all Property Improvement Requests submitted by residents for new home construction and any exterior changes or additions to North Shore homes.  Volunteers for this committee should have a familiarity with the Carolina Trace, North Shore and their basic architectural guidelines.  Some form of architectural, engineering or design background, and the ability to read blueprints and understand building facts, would be helpful.

Communications Committee

This committee oversees the NSPOA's communications effort, including the Newsletter and NSPOA Web site policies, marketing and promotions.  Members provide input on publication policy, advertising and other community-wide communication issues, including new technology.

Nominating Committee

This committee reviews the applications of members seeking to become candidates for the Board of Directors.  When making their selection the committee considers such factors as length of residency, service to the North Shore community, prior experience, education, and other relevant qualifications.

Roads & Drainage Committee

This Committee advises and assists the Board in developing policies for the preservation and enhancement of the physical assets and infrastructure of the NSPOA, particularly in regard to the maintenance of and improvements to the roads and grounds.


North Shore Disaster Recovery Plan

Recent events bring home the necessity for each resident to have an up-to-date disaster recovery plan. 

We urge each resident to read the following documents.  If you have neighbors that do not have Internet access, please print out copies and distribute them.  It may save lives!


CTA Website

The Carolina Trace Association (CTA) has their own dedicated web site - carolinatrace.org.  All minutes, events, and other information are now located there.  Reminder...CTA meetings are open for any resident to attend and listen.

If you have questions regarding their web site or its contents, please use one of the contact links found on the CTA site.


Notice of Right to Voluntary Mediation

Pursuant to Section 7A-38.3F of the North Carolina General Statutes, all members are hereby informed that you have a right to initiate mediation pursuant to the terms of the statute to try to resolve a dispute with the Association. Both the homeowner and the Association must agree to mediate the dispute, and each side is responsible for splitting the cost of the mediation, including payment of a professional mediator. The mediation process is an opportunity to reach an agreement to resolve a dispute – neither side gives up their right to go to court to have a judge resolve the dispute if the parties are not able to reach an agreement through mediation. The specific process to initiate voluntary mediation is outlined in Section 7A-38.3F of the North Carolina General Statutes.


Regular Monthly Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets monthly at the Carolina Trace Country Club.  All are welcome to attend (to the extent of available seating space) as long as they are quiet and make no gestures during Board deliberations.  The business of the Board is complete when the meeting is adjourned.  However, some Board members may stay after the meeting to address questions or concerns from Association members.

Board meetings are usually held on the third Monday of each month at 4:30 PM.