North Shore Stick Pick-Up Program for 2022
Our next stick pick up is planned for March 28, 2022. Bobby Branch’s team will continue  helping us with this program. 

Note: If you hire someone to do landscaping work, or Tree work they are required to haul  away the debris.  

What Bobby’s team will pick-up: 

Fallen tree limbs, but nothing thicker than 6” and if they are longer than 6’ break them  up the smaller the better to fit on their trucks. 

Sticks and Bush clippings 

What will not get picked-up! 

Cut down trees, Construction debris 

Household trash 

Leaves, pine cones, and lawn clippings 

Bags of any debris 

Pick-up schedule for the rest of this year are: 

June 27, 2022 

September 26, 2022 

November 28, 2022 

If you have bagged debris you want hauled away? Then you have choices at your expense as a  homeowner or renter. 

You may take your yard waste to the Lee County Resource Management Facility at 331  Landfill RD in Lemon Springs (919-499—2312) they don’t charge very much by the  pound and you can also pick-up some free mulch there. 

∙ Contact one of these gentlemen for their private pick-up service: 

Mark Reynolds 919-525-8556 

Tony Forgione 919-356-5126 

Bobby Branch 919 -770-5641 

Take building material to Waste Management of the Carolina’s at 2720 Wilkins Dr. Sanford.  919-776-7800, the charge is by weight and is under $20 for up to 500 pounds. 

In order to maintain the character of our neighborhood, Please do not put out stick piles until  about a week or two prior to the events. Also note that dumping ANY debris on a lot of  someone else or on common property is a violation NC General Statute 14-399 and could result  in fines of up to not less than $500 to $2000 and 24 to 100 hours of community service.